Welding Automation

Automatic Welding Carriage WTRY-STITCH II

Function Characteristics :

  • High-performance magnet increases the reliability and ensure the stable operation
  • During welding process, the carriage will stop if there is any obstruction ( Limit Switch)
  • Possible to select continues welding mode or stick welding mode
  • Welding interval and non-welding interval can be Programmed.
  • The mapnet release lever provided for ease of operation.

Technical Specifications

Input Supply

230 Volts Single Phase 50 Hz Supply

Drive Method

4 Wheel Drive

Traction Power

20 Kg

Travel Speed

35-950 mm/Min

Tracking Mode

Guide Wheel

Height of Guide Wheel

Adjustable by three positions

Torch Horizontal / Vertical Movement

40 mm

Adjustable Welding Angle

40-55 Degree

End Limit

By Limit Switches


280x295x265 mm


9 Kg