Welding Automation

Automatic Welding Carriage WTRY-STD

Function Characteristics :

  • High-performance magnet increases the reliability of profile welding and ensure the stability & smooth operation.
  • The magnet release lever can be easily operated
  • It can be used in the horizontal fillet welding with wide range of welding speed control.
  • X-Y slides provided for finer adjustment of torch position.

Technical Specifications

Net Weight

8 Kg

Power Input

AC 220 V

Driving Mode

4 Wheel Chain Drive Motor

Traction Power

16 Kg

Travelling Speed
100-800 (mm/min)
Tracking Mode
Guide Wheel Type

Height of Guide Wheel

3 Option
Adjustable Range of Welding Torch
Horizontal Angle 40-50, 40mm for Up/Down, 40mm for Right /Left
Torch Holder

Suitable for Straight 0R angular ( Goose Neck) Torch

Auto-Stop Function

Achieved by Two Limit Switches on Both Side

Dimension (L x W x H)

280 x 260 x 265 mm