Welding Automation

Multi purpose Welding carriage WTRY-EASY-OSC

WTRY-EASY-OSC is a multipurpose carriage with weaving controls. The trolly moves on a track and hence can be used for 1G application only. It is suitable for both butt as well as Fillet welding application


  • Aluminum die cast body makes it light weight still sturdy
  • can be used for both BUTT & FILLET Welding application
  • Wider Wheel Base and hence stable
  • Longer cross beam and hence wider reach
  • Easy adaptability to different kind of MIG torches
  • High Speed mode given for use in plasma cutting application
  • Multipurpose as the same trolley can be used for welding & cutting
  • 360° initial positioning of the torch

Scope Of Supply:

Carriage with 1.8 meters track Input cable

Technical Specifications

Input Supply
Single phase 230 volts 50 Hz
Driving Mode
2 wheel drive
Tracking Mode
Track Type
Track Length
1.8 meters
Traveling Speed
80 ~ 800(mm/min)
Up/Down Torch Adjustment
80 mm
Left/Right Torch adjustment
120 mm
Weaving speed
0~100 mm/Sec
Left/Right Dwell time
0~2.5 Sec
Weaving Angle
0 ~ 15 Degree
314 X 195 X 242mm
12.5 Kg