Portable CNC Cutting Machine

The portable CNC cutting system from WARPP offers a simple solution to precision cutting requirements.The machine can be either used with flame cutting (Oxy-Fuel) torch Or it can be coupled with suitable plasma power source. When coupled with plasma power source, the machine is equipped with arc voltage height controller. The machine has an USB interface through which CNC code can be transferred to the machine. The machine has standard library for commonly used shapes.


  • Simple Design
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to use controls
  • Break point restoration
  • Automatic break point memory

Machine Model P-CNC-1250X3000F P-CNC-1500X3000F
Input Supply Single Phase 230 Volts 50 Hz Supply
LCD Dimension 5.7 Inches
Cutting Mode Flame Cutting 0nIy

Flame cutting. Plasma with Suitable power source

Overall Width of the cross Beam (mm) 2000
Overall Length of the track (mm) 3500
Effective Cutting Width (mm) 1500
Effective Cutting Length (mm) 3000
Cutting Speed (mm / Min) 80 to 3000
Max. Speed (mm / Min) 3000
Cutting Thickenss in Flame (mm) 6 to 100
Cutting Thickness in Plasma Not Applicable As per power source capacity
Height Sensor Motorised Litt for Up / Down operated by Switch on Controller Arc Voltage Height controller in Plasma Mode