Manual Gas Cutting Machine (Cutting Machine)

Strip Cutting trolley Model Cut Easy Strip-3

This machine are used to cut strips from a sheet. The machine is easy to use and setup. As multiple torches are used for cutting, it will enhance productivity to a great extent.


  • Aluminum die cast body for light weight
  • Nozzle Mix type of flame cutting torch
  • Wider wheel base makes it more stable
  • Stepless variation of speed by electronic control board
  • Pipe header is provided so that only two pipes needed to connect
  • Individual actuating valves provided so as to make operation simpler
  • The distance between the torches can be adjusted with knob and no special tools are required to do the same
  • Three cutting at the same time and hence distortion is reduced to a great extent

Basic outfits :

  • Cutting trolley
  • 1.8 Meters Rail
  • Circle cutting attachment

Machine Model Cut Easy Strip-3
Input Supply 230 Volts single phase 50 Hz
Cutting Thickness (mm) 6 ~ 50
Trolley Speed (mm) 50 ~ 750
Number of torches 3
Cutting Width (mm) 70 ~ 1000
Weight (kg) 43
Total Weight (kg) 43