Manual Plasma Cutting(Cutting Machine)


AIRCUT-200 IW, AIRCUT-300 IW machine are inverter based air plasma cutting machine. It is widely used for cutting ferrous as well as non ferrous metals using inexpensive compressed air as the cutting media.


  • Advanced ‘Soft switching’ technology, hence more reliability
  • High Frequency Arc Striking with Pilol Arc.
  • Stable Out Put Current
  • 100% Duty cycle machines
  • Precise preset & display of cutting current.
  • Two levels of air flow system to ensure smooth pilot arc.
  • Up sloping of current to increase the consumable life.
  • Higher on load voltage and hence higher speed of cutting.
  • Bigger output inductor for extra smooth DC output which result in better cut finish
  • Protection against thermal over load .
  • High power Factor & Efficiency.
  • Good Cutting Quality.
  • Continuous Adjustment of Current Possible.
  • Built in water circulation system
  • Suitable for hand held & mechanized torch.

Basic Outfits : For Air cut 200/300 IW

  • Power Source along with water cooling system
  • Air filter
  • Water cooled plasma cutting torch 5 meters length.
  • Earthing cable with clamp.
  • 3 Nos. Sets of Electrode & Tip, Front ceramic cap.

Optional Accessories

  • Machine mountable Straight torch
  • Cutting trolley 2 rails of 1.8 meters each
  • Torch pendent for ON/OFF control

Technical Specification

Model Input Power (KVA) Cutting Thickness Current Range No Load voltage (DC) Duty cycle Torch Cooling type Gas Type Weight KG
AIRCUT-200 IW Power Source 39 Clean Cut in MS,SS – 65 mm
Rough Cut in MS,SS – 70 mm
Piercing Capacity – 30 mm
60 ~ 200 380 VDC 100%
(40°C & 10 min.)
Input Supply 380 ~ 440 V 3 - phase 50 Hz Supply
Efficiency – 85% Power Factor – 0.85
Air Pressure Required in – 5 ~ 6 kg/cm2 OR 0.4 ~ 0.6 MPa Air Flow Required (CFM) – 5 ~ 6 OR ≥ 180 L/min
With attach WCS-400 (Water Cooling system)
Input Supply - 230 Volts Single Phase 50 Hz Supply
Water tank made from heat resistant PVC material Tank capacity – 24 liter.
Specially designed Vortex pump with brass body which will avoid corrosion Pump Capacity - 0.125 HP
Three stage copper tube cooling radiator system combined with separate high speed fan ensures efficient heat transfer to keep the torches cool. Radiator Type & Size - 255x230 mm with three stage copper Pipes
Water level indication. Cooling fan - High speed