Manual Plasma Cutting(Cutting Machine)

Inverter Based Air Plasma Cutting Machine

Aircut I series machine are inverter based air plasma cutting machine. They are widely used for cutting ferrous as well as non ferrous metals using inexpensive air as the cutting media. These machines are available in 65, 100 & 160 Amps


  • Advanced 'Soft Switching' Technology, Hence More Reliability.
  • High Frequency Arc Striking with Pilol Arc.
  • Stable Out Put Current
  • Pressure gauge on the front panel to check air supply.
  • Precise preset & display of cutting current
  • Air test switch to Set the Air Flow precisely.
  • High power Factor & Efficiency
  • Good Cutting Quality
  • Continuous Adjustment of Current Possible.
  • Built in water circulation system in 160 Amps model.

Basic Outfits :

For Aircut 162 IW : Power Source with inbuilt water cooling system, water cooled plasma torch 5 mtr length, air filter, earthing cable

Technical Specification

Model Cutting Thickness Input Power (WVA) Current Range(A) No Load Voltage (DC) Weight (Kg) Duty Cycle Torch Cooling Type
AIRCUT-162 IW Clean Cut in MS,SS- 50mm
Rough Cut in MS,SS-55mm
32.5 30-160 400 98 100% WATER