Manual Plasma Cutting(Cutting Machine)

Inverter Based Air Plasma Cutting Machine

Aircut- i Series Machine are Inverter Based Air Plasma Cutting Machines. They Are Widely Used for Cutting Ferrous as well as Non Ferrous Metals Using Inexpensive Air as the Cutting Media.


  • Advanced 'Soft Switching' Technology, Hence More Reliability.
  • High Frequency Arc Striking with Pilol Arc.
  • Stable Out Put Current
  • Precise Preset & Display of Cutting Current
  • Air Test Switch to Set the Air Flow Precisely.
  • Pressure gauge on the front panel
  • Air Test Switch to Set the Air Flow Precisely
  • High Power Factor & Efficiency.
  • Good Cutting Quality.
  • Continuous Adjustment of Current Possible.

Basic Outfits :

For Aircut 102Power Source, Smtr Length Air Plasma Cutting Torch, Air Filter & Earthing Cable

Technical Specification

Model Cutting Thickness Input Power (WVA) Current Range(A) No Load Voltage (DC) Weight (Kg) Duty Cycle Torch Cooling Type
18 30-100 340 51 100% AIR