Gas Tungsten Arc Welding Machine

Water Circulation Sysytem WCS-400

WCS-400 is water cooling system used for cooling of TIG / MIG torches in TIG / MIG welding application


  • 24 ltrs. Water tank made from heat resistant PVC.
  • Spec. Impoted Contifugal pump specially designed brass pump for longer life and non Corrosion.
  • Two layer Copper radiator Separate high speed fan used for Water Cooling.
  • Compact Size and Easy Moveable

Model No. WCS - 400
Input Supply 230 Volts Single Phase 50Hz Supply
Water Tank Material PVC
Tank Capa. 24 Ltr
Type of Pump Centrifugal Pump
Pump Capa. 0.125 HP
Radiator Type & Size 255 x 230mm with 3 Row Copper Pipes