General Information

INARC I Series Machines are IGBT based arc welding power source with soft switching technology. They are widely used for manual metal arc welding with acid, basic & cellulosic electrodes.


  • Advanced Soft Switching Inverter Technology and high efficiency.
  • Easy arc striking & stable arc
  • Digital display of current with precise preset function High power factor
  • High Switching Frequency, hence low volume and weight — Adjustable arc force
  • Can be used with extended welding cable
  • Wireless remote controller option
  • Suitable for cellulosic type of electrodes

Basic Outfits

  • Power Source

Optional Accessories

  • Wire & Wireless Remote Controller

Model INARC-400 CEL
Input Power(KVA) 18.4
Current Range (A) 20-400
Duty Cycle 100%
Weight (Kg) 36
Input Supply 380-440V 3 Phase 50 Hz Supply
Open Circuit Voltage 75 Volts
Efficiency at full load (%) 89
Power Factor 0.95
Ambient Temperature 40°C